The Ladies Fishing Competition

Welcome to Te Puna Hunting and Fishing Club's first ladies fishing competition! Our brand new Ladies Fishing Competition is running from 7:30pm Friday 15th January - Sunday 17th January 2021. Briefing will be held at Top Shot Bar on Friday 15th January at 6:00pm. See below for the rules or check out the Te Puna Hunting and Fishing Facebook page for updates! 

Payment for entry fees can be made to: 

Te Puna Hunting And Fishing Club 




Competition Headquarters and Weigh Station: Top Shot Bar, 15d Minden Rd, Te Puna 

Registration/Entry: Must be entered and paid no later than the start of briefing. Entries can be made online or at the Top Shot Bar. (Anglers can enter prior to the briefing at Top Shot Bar from 5pm). 

Cancellation: There will be no cancellation of the competition. If the weather is unsafe, the competition may be altered to harbour fishing and entrants will be informed at the briefing. 

Briefing: 6pm Friday 15th January. All entrants are asked to attend the briefing to hear any last minute rule changes and must be in attendance for any prizes drawn at the briefing. 

Start and end times: Fishing begins: 7:30pm Friday 15th January 2021 -  Sunday 17th January 2021. Entrants must be at the event in person to claim any prizes. 

Prize Giving: 3pm Sunday 17th January

Weigh in time: 12:30 - 2pm Sunday 17th January 2021. Entrants must be in line with their fish before 2pm to be eligible to win prizes. 

Method of fishing: All species must be caught on a rod and reel. If fishing from shore, entrants can have someone cast their line for them but must wind in the fish unassisted. 

Weigh in / Measuring requirements: 

Each fish may only be weighed in once. A maximum of 3 fish, per angler, per category may be weighed in. 

Prize categroies are based on weight.  

Fish inspections will be carried out at every weigh in. Only legal, healthy fish will be accepted and the weigh-master reserves the right to reject any fish presented. Fish must be fresh (can be on ice but not frozen). 

Weights will only be accepted from the calibrated competition scales at the weigh-in and taken by the event staff. If a game fish species is caught, a courtesy weigh may be undertaken by another club (please contact us regarding this on the day). 

Specified species: The following are the only species and minimum weights/lengths accepted for weigh in:

Kingfish: 750mm minimum length

Snapper: 300mm minimum length

Kahawai: no minimum length

Trevally: 250mm minimum length

Other fish species: As meets the requirements for the particular species. 

Eligible species (Heaviest other fish): All fish species caught with a rod and reel may be weighed in with the exception of eels, stingrays and sharks. 

Variation to Rules:The competition organiser reserves the right to vary these rules up to briefing. Where any part of the rules are varied, the changes will be announced at the briefing. 

Disputes:The competition weigh-masters decision will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Disclaimer: Te Puna Hunting and Fishing Club, its members, or any of the event organisers are not responsible for the safety and wellbeing of entrants during this event.

It is expected that entrants will take full responsibility for their own safety and will at all times adhere to the laws and regulations governing the taking of fish within New Zealand. 

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the registration of any contestant whose conduct in their opinion is contrary to the spirit in which the fishing competition is run. The decision of the organisers in this matter is final. No refunds will be given.

Cheating results in instant disqualification, and those caught will be banned from any future competitions organised by the competition organiser. Contestants must be prepared to be interviewed regarding their catch.

Any images taken of those participating in the event may be used to promote the event in the future. 

The competitions organisers decision is final and binding on all contestants.

Once tickets have been purchased we do not offer any refunds or exchanges, all ticket sales are final. If you have any issues around your payment, or the amount you have been charged please contact a committee member by email. 

Please respect the (at times) stressful job of measurers and their assistants, and be patient and courteous. Make sure you are aware of weigh-in closing times, those not in the queue at those times will miss out on weighing their fish.

Good luck: Have a great few days fishing. No fish is worth risking your life or well-being, so apply all the water and boating safety rules, and ensure entrants under your supervision are kept safe.

Prize Categories 


1st - Closest to average weight 

2nd - Second closest to average weight 

3rd - Heaveist 


1st - Closest to average weight 

2nd - Second closest to average weight 

3rd - Heaveist 


1st - Closest to average weight 

2nd - Second closest to average weight 

3rd - Heaveist 


1st - Closest to average weight 

2nd - Second closest to average weight 

3rd - Heaveist 

'Other' Species (no eels, sharks, stingrays)

1st - Heaviest 

Unfortunately no competitions are currently available